Editing the ranges of the SAM sites

1. The offsets in different versions of JA2.EXE

JA2 version Offset
german v.1.02 0x272303
german v.1.02 beta 0x2732db
german v.1.05 0x26211b
us v.1.06 0x27b6c3
us v.1.07 0x27b6db


2. Editing the ranges

The information which sector is protected by the different sam sites is stored in an array.
The first 16 bytes hold the information about the sectors A1-A16 (marked in yellow). The end of the first row is marked by 00 00. After that there are again 16 bytes for the second row of the map (B1-B16), then again 00 00 to separate the second and third row...
The last byte for sector P16 is marked in blue.
Each byte has a value between 00 and 04, which specifies the sam site.

Value Sam Site


none (sector is always secure)
01 Chitzena SAM (sector D2)
02 Drassen SAM (D15)
03 Cambria SAM (I8)
04 Meduna SAM (N4)


by Azrael